Pre-Punched CEE & ZED Purlins for Pre-Engineered Steel Building Framework

C and Z Purlins and Girts are roll-formed from Hi-Tensile Galvanised steel, primarily used to provide lightweight, economical, efficient roofing and cladding support systems for framed structures.

CEE PURLIN SECTIONS: C-sections have flanges which are equal in size and are commonly used for simple supported spans. C-sections cannot be lapped as continuous spans in multi-bay buildings, but easily adapted for use in buildings as structural framework.

ZED PURLIN SECTIONS: Z-sections are made with one flange broader than the other. When one purlin is rotated 180°, two sections can be bolted together enabling them to be lapped. Lapping the purlins over interior support improves the load capacity and rigidity of the purlins. Z-sections may also be used for simple spans. Purlins and Girts that are lapped form a structurally continuous line along the length of the building.


The tolerances which are normally acceptable according to IS : 811-1987 and / or other equivalent standards for the cold roll formed sections are as follow: